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RE: De restricting C50

Posted by : Newt ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Tuesday 31/07/18 at 08:55:20

Radar, Correct.

The issue is that a C50, is not a moped. It never was, regardless of V5 errors.

The C50 LAC may once have been designated 'Moped' for a brief spell, when a moped didn't have pedals and was restricted to 30 MPH.(I'm not certain on this) Todays mopeds cannot exceed 28 mph so 30 mph puts it outside the rule and it cannot be defined as a moped.

9 years administering c90club, and we've gone over this dozens of times. Peoples disappointment with the facts doesn't change the law.

What I'm certain of, is the C50, and the C50 LAC, do no longer fall under the category of 'Moped' if they ever did.

We have to be crystal clear about this, as getting busted for no licence and no insurance is not the start to a 16 year olds driving career that we want to be responsible for.

So long as anyone does what they do with their eyes wide open to the facts, that's absolutely fine, but no amount of disappointment changes the facts.

The Honda 50's, are not mopeds.

And Steve, as your first post was about de-restricting your 50, we can assume you're Hell bent on riding illegally anyway, so all this is academic!


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