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RE: De restricting C50

Posted by : Newt ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 30/07/18 at 19:20:12

I honestly doubt plod have the nous to know all this anyway.

I know there are many 16 year olds that have 'gotten away' with a C50/LAC50 for a year of riding. ( I even heard of a banned driver riding a 90 for a year, as they didn't think it applied to their bike licence! o.O o.O o.O )

So long as people are aware, if you're a tanker owner/driver in debt for a vehicle and all the tickets you need, you might not want to chance it.

Likely such stuff will only come to light in the event of a fatal RTA.

Just don't go crashing off any rail bridges and derailing any trains.

As you won't be insured. :)

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