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RE: De restricting C50

Posted by : Newt ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 30/07/18 at 17:53:58

Part P enables you to ride a Moped.

As explained, none of the old 50's meet current legislation for the definition of a moped. So cannot legally be ridden, as a moped.

The legislation allows for bikes pre 1st September 1973 under 50cc that were fitted with pedals to be classed as mopeds. Hence in part the high prices of the Yamaha FS1E's etc. Legal 50+ mph mopeds.

None of the Honda C50's fit this exemption.

Interesting that the taxation class and type are separate boxes. As I didn't have a V5 in front of me at the time,, I wasn't able to challenge the info given. It was also suggested I would get a better response writing in wit the query, which I will do.

My advice for what it's worth, is 1) Either accept you are riding it illegally and be aware of any consequences that might arise.
Or 2) Spend £100 on a CBT every 2 years and be certain you are legal. You'll also be able to ride anything up to a 125cc (So long as the Kw to weight ratio doesn't exceed 0.1kw per 1 Kg, and it's under 11 Kw)

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