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RE: Idle adjustment

Posted by : Ian - Bristol ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Saturday 19/06/21 at 21:36:56

I have just returned from a run on the bike with Bogger's carb fitted.

There is a slight leak from the actual petrol tap which is slightly out of shape.

The kick start appeared to be more responsive but the exhaust spluttered alot. Mine never did this, so I don’t know if is a sign of anything???

I did tighten completely the mixture screw and set it with a whole turn then a quarter as suggested previously.

I attempted to assign the correct idea speed via the idle screw but absolutely nothing reacted and every time I turned the screws, the same outcome and of course the idle went to a stall.

Leaving home I could feel a much better reaction pulling away from neutral into first. But within minutes the engine was spluttering and not running smoothly.

During a stop and another play with the idle screw again, no reaction from the engine, just constant spluttering and probably a richer mix. You could see very faint smoke from the exhaust.

I was about to join a mini roundabout and the engine simply didn’t want to know and cut out when pulling away to join the roundabout.

I am at a complete loss now.

Any suggestions please cus as it stands right now, I will have to put mine back on as mine never cut out during actual driving as I need it for work or shopping etc. Monday.

I do appreciate what you have done so far Bogger.

Kind regards,


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