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RE: C50 super cub

Posted by : Newt ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 11/10/21 at 21:25:06

Nope, definitely no backs up here, we're all far too (old) cool for that. :)

It's a subject that often comes up, and we find it hard to hide our weariness explaining for the 100th time to people who have been, or are contemplating doing something which could get them in bother, that what they are doing or thinking of doing isn't legal.

Because some of us here also run a motorcycle forum with over 20k members, and have done for 12 years now, we really do try hard, and spend a lot of time, to try to give correct information. If you read the article linked to above, it's been carefully put together from official .GOV sites, and a liason with DVLA over 'grey' areas. It really is as definitive article as can be found anywhere.

And after so much work it's hard to hide one's frustrations when someone comes along saying their Aunties cousins brothers next door neighbours cat knows better!

We understand the disappointment. XD XD XD

But don't shoot the messenger!

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