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RE: C50 super cub

Posted by : Newt ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Tuesday 28/09/21 at 15:48:41

Yup. Ride what you want where you want when you want at any age, who needs tax? Who needs insurance? Why bother with a licence?

It's all the same thing really.

Robbing post offices is illegal, but people still do it. Generally speaking people who couldn't give a toss are the same ones that will rag your bike around the fields.

It comes on top for everyone sooner or later.

When a rider has a front wheel puncture and comes off, that sends an oncoming car off the road down a railway embankment derailing a 5 million £ train causing fatalities, just hope the insurance company backs up the spotty 19 year old failed graduate that took your money, and doesn't raise the fact the riders licence didn't cover them for their ride.

And I think policies have a wording to the effect you need to ensure your licence covers you for the vehicle.
It really isn't down to them. I'm sure I'd get HGV insurance without them querying my licence, they'd happily take my money I'm sure.

For the sake of £120 for a CBT every 2 years I'd rather not have the worry or be restricted to 50cc personally.

That said there's so much confusion around it's very unlikely there will be a problem. Until there's a problem.

All we do is provide accurate information. Job done. The rest is down to the individual. ;D :D

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