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RE: Drop in performance

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On Sunday 15/12/19 at 01:40:30

If you leave the battery on charge overnight, you might kill it. Unless it's an incredibly low amp charger.
WHen new, they say only a 15 minute charge.
Check you haven't boiled it dry.
For my part, my 90's aren't used regularly, so every time I pull them out, the batteries are flat. So no neutral light etc.
After a few miles, I have functions back. Leave the bike for a day and it's flat again. The battery doesn't hold much, and I just live with it.
To check for a genuine charging problem problem, I think if you stick a voltmeter on the battery when revving the bike, you should see 13+ volts.
I have encountered seeing like 7.5 volts. It still wasn't the generator. It was something to do with the rear light, and the DC stop light shorting with the AC tail light.

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