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RE: Twitching ?? Hesitating???

Posted by : Dan-Lincolnshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Tuesday 26/03/19 at 16:38:15

Took your advice, and raised the needle one clip. I also put a new plug in. Took it for a 70 mile ride through the Lincolnshire Wolds. Ran quite well or rather best it has really run. Took the plug out and was dry and black sooty, not been like that for a long while. So thanks for the advice. Was still wondering if float is out. How should it look if I tipped the carb upside down with float bowl removed jets facing upwards. I have 4 floats 2 from Keihin carbs, one I bought from Wemoto and one that came with the Bike. If I use non genuine float valve (As I now know what it is called) from memory one that came with bike sits slightly up were as other two seem to sit level. The Wenoto sits a lot lower down than other 3. If I use genuine one all 3 seem to sit level but the Wemoto still sits lower down. If I haven't confused people with all that.

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