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RE: Twitching ?? Hesitating???

Posted by : Dan-Lincolnshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Wednesday 27/02/19 at 15:26:55

Took the carb off for the umpteenth time. Took the jets out had a look and a poke. Looked at the float and I'd had a thought last week the only part that isn't genuine is the float valve. So I dug out a genuine valve from a S/H carb I bought. Notices the non genuine valve the float sat slight raised up. So put the genuine one in and the float sat level. Compared the 2 valves non genuine valve the bit that operates is a round tip. The genuine one is a flat tip. So put the carb back together. Took the NGK cap off and retightened it back up. Took it for a 10 mile run all problems gone. So I'm hoping after nearly 2 years I've sorted it.

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