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RE: Twitching ?? Hesitating???

Posted by : Dan-Lincolnshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 24/03/19 at 17:07:16

Haven't forgotten about this thread just not had the time to do anymore to it. I had the bike out not Friday gone but one before. Still pretty much the same I fitted a screen so thought that might be impairing things a bit as it was very windy. Looked at the plug still white. So took it off earlier today. Had done some reading and lowered the throttle needle one notch. Took it for a run it made it worst so much so I had to take the legshield off and put back in original setting. Rode better after that but it is still hesitating. Is quite windy today. It seems more worst when running about 30 mph. Still have poor cold starting you take the choke off too early and try revving it, like it can't catch any revs. Not checked the plug today. Was wondering if needed to try a new plug have got two.

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