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RE: MOT...might just save your life..

Posted by : Ady ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 17/11/19 at 00:42:24

Good to hear from you James :)

Yes, had something similar with a car involved in a collision on an approach road to the A1 here in Lincolnshire (I was involved with the investigation) The brakes were not in question but as a matter of course i conduct a "brakeSafe" test (similar to a digital version of the old Tapley meter but testing more than simply deceleration) Anyway i set the gear up in the car which remained drive-able despite the collision damage. Set off and reached around 50mph before foot hard on the brake pedal for the test. Front Off side brake hose bursts and I'm left with only 50 percent braking rapidly heading toward the live lanes of the A1... Arse twitching moment i can tell you, fortunately brought it to a halt on the slip road to the left.

Transpires the car had had recent brake pads fitted and the floating calipers removed to facilitate lining replacement but the calipers ere rotated through 360 degrees putting a twist in the flexible hose which subsequently rubbed on the Macpherson strut when steering causing premature wear to the hose and the subsequent failure.


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