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MOT...might just save your life..

Posted by : jammy ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Tuesday 29/10/19 at 17:39:20

As the recent proud owner of a 16 year old 186,000 mile Vauxhall Zaffira (ex wife got a new motor so passed it on to me/ mostly used when I have my kids) a recent MOT probably saved me from certain death! So I've been doing regular trips down to Torquay from my place in Bournemouth, pick up my mum, drive up to Ilfracombe in North Devon to see my older brother who's ill...(fucked himself with drink/liver failure etc), then back to Torquay then home to bournemouth around 400 miles done in a day.Did this a few Sundays ago with no problems, Monday morning took the car for MOT at brother in laws workshop. Watched it go on the rolling road for brake test, car was the taken off and on ramp next to MOT bay, opps somethings up i think...as it went up in the air brake fluid is pissing out from underneath motor...I wander over brother in law says brake pipe (front) has just burst! Feck i told him I'd done 400 miles in it yesterday, he said lucky you did'nt do any hard braking otherwise it would have burst then! So not cub related at all, but i don't have a cub these days!! o.O

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