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RE: cub for sale...probably

Posted by : Ady - Lincolnshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Saturday 09/03/19 at 15:10:33

Bloomin' Eck James! The end of an era! I was really and truly saddened reading through this. Because although we rarely see one another face to face I do regard you as a good mate and a part of my life (Cub Life you understand). An era stretching way back 13 years or so when we all met up in Wales and again year after year in the good old days of Cub90.co.uk , Priceless memories and then the France Expos with Bogger, Nige, Ric Fuzz to name just a few, such wonderful happy days all seemingly care free in so many ways. I accept that nothing stays the same though and for me the Cub meets of today are never quite the same as those good old days and it's probably unlikely that they ever will be again in future.

I kind of gathered and had assumed that you and Mrs James had become parted and I can only imagine how hard the situation makes day to day life. Therefore I can well understand your reasoning to save yourself some money. Obviously you have the Suzuki Address which in so many ways is actually a better bike, I am the same when I compare my Innova, trouble is they have little if any charm about them when compared to a 90. All I'd say is think carefully, the 90 costs very little to run and doesn't take up much space, yeah it'll make you a clear 7 to 800 quid in the current climate which will of course come in very useful but remember, both the cash and the bike, once they're gone they're gone forever...!

All this said, if your minds made up then sale it must be. Hold out for the money you want for it, definitely don't let it go cheap, you're not desperate to sell. Your 90 is a bit like mine, a bit ratty to look at but like yours I'd ride it anywhere. Cracking little bikes, I love 'em ! good luck whatever you do James.

Best wishes, Ady

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