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cub for sale...probably

Posted by : jammy ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 08/03/19 at 00:10:58

well, i don't put this shite on farcebook so...some of you who know me know I split from my wife of 20 yrs just over a year ago, I'm in private rent now which ain't cheap plus 4 kids so i pay what i can etc etc. So running a car (only used when i have my kids) and the cub and little suzuki address is proving a stretch...Well the cub is a 1989 electric start 45000 miles (although engine really only has about 35k as i had a lifan in for 10k) yeah she looks rough but has never let me down/ all original/ engine never been touched inside just basic servicng, usual fucked centre stand (still works but needs sorting) probably has other common cub issues but in daily use so i don't notice then, no real rot (last time i looked and still goes through MOT's. Has taken me to all corners of Uk plus France/belgium and Southern Ireland without fault. Will leave the screen / topbox and extra front rack on, have a few small boxes of bits and bob's to go with it. Good points new rear tyre (Avon) and new battery and recent grooved front brake shoes (think she'd benefit from a new front brake cable too). Oh shit yeah I was rear ended back in 2015 which wrote the bike off all it needed was a rear mudgaurd which i replaced with a used one i had, i straightend bent rear rack with my trusty mallet and the left side foot peg too...like i say been passing MOT's since. If i was keeping it i'd planned to go through whole bike and start replacing all chassis bearings and give the engine a strip and rebuild (well I'd pay someone else!) I'll give her a clean (a rare thing) and get some pictures up...Well looking at prices online and a reluctant sale means i'd like as much as i can get! MOT'd i think to July ish 2019...owned by me since 2005! I'd suggest you view bike as its no show winner although chrome on wheels still good! Could deliver for bus fare home (I'm down nr bournemouth but would jump happily on and ride it anywhere!)So if someone wants to offer the thick end of £1000 (stop laughing!) like i say don't really want to sell but just taking it off the raod won't really save me any money...oh its one of the faster red ones.

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