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RE: light bulbs

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On Sunday 28/10/18 at 02:38:45

On a more positive note: Honda Cub 50 owners should be happy to know that some parts for the older bikes are still being used on non-discontinued bikes. I learned today from my local Honda Motorcycle dealer that the Exhaust Pipe Gasket 18291-HB2-900 and the oil drain plug washer 94109-12000 are still in their 'current' parts catalogue as they are still used on other models. The gasket is $3.76 CDN and the washer is 65 cents. The drain plug itself is still available as well (I didn't need a new plugs, so I didn't get the part number or price). Just for comparison sake, the gasket is available from David Silver Spares (USA) for $3.61 CDN and $13.14 shipping cost. Another USA ebay seller wants $6.14 plus $17.71 for the same thing. An ebay seller from Norway wants $26.22 for the gasket and 2 small 10mm nuts ...but 'free' shipping to Canada. Another USA ebay seller wants $6.41 for 3 drain plug washers, and $18.60 for shipping to Canada. Each of the gasket and washer could easily be put in an international lettermail envelope and mailed to Canada (or ANY OTHER international destination) for $1.15 USA postage cost!!!

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