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RE: Rhayader 14th 15th July

Posted by : jammy ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 16/07/18 at 09:08:44

Top weekend...fab weather...and a new site for next year which may breath some new life into the meet. I can't be doing with £14.20 i paid plus got the whole (as i turned up at 9am after leaving bournemouth at 5am) you can't book in till after 1pm...can you come back later?? >_> RE TOILET at new site did notice a sign for public loo just out on the road near the entrance to mr blooby's...whose name is Alan by the way! So if you don't fancy shitting in a field....although his drive must be a mile/mile and a half long!!! Had my first ever mechanical misshap with the cub, upon arrival the bike stunk of petrol...yep carb float bowl screws half out! Tighten up and still good...oh and my mirror came loose in Aber....shocking lack of... <g>

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