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'67 C50 dying in first

Posted by : BeanieBean ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Friday 02/10/20 at 20:12:54

Greetings! I have a 67 C50 Cub, but it's having a slight issue. I recently had it checked out and it was running just fine, even according to the mechanic who looked at it. But once I got it back to my house it starting dying while idling. It would kick start just fine, idle, then the engine would slowly die out. I texted the mechanic and it turned out I was at fault for not opening the choke all the way after starting up the bike.

WELP It started dying while I was out riding it! Typically, while shifting down into first at a light. The engine would just slowly lose power. I can normally hear it about to die and I can resurrect it by giving the throttle a bit of gas. I'm not sure if this could be related to the cooler weather we're experiencing right now, but I wasn't having any problems a few weeks ago. Any advice or help would be more than appreciated!

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