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RE: free innova

Posted by : Geordie bullet ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Saturday 21/12/19 at 09:37:57

Hi evo , so sorry to read about your accident, i read about it on the board about six months ago, i could,nt reply to it as the thread had timed out. Jesus evo , i knew you were a tough lad but head on into an artic !!! How are you still alive !! Im pleased to read about your recovery but sad to know we,ll never have a ride out again, especially now your getting rid of your innova, sad days mate. I just been and bought a new supercub as i miss the daft days & ride outs we had. Maybe if diddly is still getting out and sees this message we could have a ride out in the spring and call in to see you, be good to have a catch up again after all these years. Best wishes to you evo for chrimbo & i hope you continue to make good progress with your health. Cheers mate

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