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RE: Rhayader

Posted by : Vk/Leeds ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Sunday 14/07/19 at 19:23:11

As mentioned above thoroughly enjoyed our wild camping extravaganza weekend in Blobby's field ! >;) Thanks to all who attended for many a belly laugh ! XD ! Also a big thankyou to Pete and Ash and tail end charlie Wightegi keeping us on track for the ride out bimble @ 105 miles covered ! B) !
Also a big thank you to Dangerous acting as the midge decoy , he must taste good ! o.O !
Rode shotgun with Bogger on the ride back home before parting ways with just shy of 500 miles completed for the weekend completed ! <g> !
If you didn't attend you missed a guden boys and girls ! <g> !
Thanks also to big Pete for the pot bellied burner which kept my little pinkies toasty in the cool evenings and my Haynes manual which shall come in handy getting my shopping scoot race ready for the next one ! ;D !
Cheers chaps , Vk. :) .

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