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RE: Mr Blobby

Posted by : Bogger ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Monday 03/06/19 at 01:06:49

Me and Pete went to his Farm on the Saturday. Blobby wasn't there so we left a note, as Weighty says :) . The field is right along side the river. It'll be a really nice place to camp. I reckon the field is about 1/2 ml from the down down his farm track. With It being private land I see no reason we can't park the bikes at the top of his private lane and ride them back down at the end of the night.
We'd have to run it past Blobby first just to make sure he is ok with it.
Also at the top of his lane are Rhayaders public toilets. They have been refurbished and look like new ^_^ . So those who don't want to 'go' alfresco needn't. So all in all it looks good. In fact I cant wait.


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