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On Friday 25/01/19 at 19:21:45

Last year my son and I traveled up to Scotland, intent on doing the north 500 circular run on our Honda 250rs bikes, it was during that hot spell 30 degrees +, anyway we were away 4 days and didn't quite make it around, we traveled about 1200 miles total. checking the oil level in the engine the next day back home, I found the oil level was well bellow minimum, I'd forgot to top up in all those miles and heat :O

The Cb250 RS engines are lubricated very similar to the C90s, they have overhead cams lubricated by a larger version of the c90 oil pump. However, these engines sit upright in the bike frame and so the oil is pushed up to the top cams against gravity. No doubt because of this, these engines are known to experience cam wear and failure.

My rs stil runs great and I can only put the survival of the engine down to modern fully synth oil.I don't want to start an oil war here :) but I rarely use bike specific oils as I find they don't behave any better than motor car oil. 8)

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