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RE: I've got it

Posted by : radar shropshire ( Inappropriate or SPAM?
On Thursday 15/11/18 at 23:09:46

At the Honda Centre today picking up some DID wheel rims (only £44 each) that I'm currently re-spoking and there standing in the window on display was the lovely new Cub. same colour as Bogger's (not sure if they have other colours) so looking around it first thing I notice was this bulge at the header exhaust pipe,looks like a catalyst? is it? do these new small bikes need to have them? also I notice there is no side stand? not sure why Honda didn't put one on this bike considering they spent money to have this jazzy electronic start mechanism. A side stand with a little safety cut out switch would have been nice me thinks
anyway nice bike I expect they will sell well. B)

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